Boost Income as a Translator

This follows on from a previous post last year regarding ways to make money on the internet, in order to boost your work as a professional translator.

However, even on a budget, shopping can be pricey. Here are a few ways to do it by blogging, which is very popular these days. This can include viral platforms like YouTube and FaceBook.How to make money on the internet

Blogging began as a simple online activity that can be very much likened to writing in diaries and keeping journals. They are both the same in terms of writing out thoughts and the like, the difference lies in where these said thoughts and opinions are published. In journals and diaries, they are never see the light of day, unless published in autobiographies. On the other hand, blogs are easily published on the internet, and the skill lies in getting traffic to the blog once it is up. Another difference is that with blogs, there is the possibility of earning real money online. How is this done?

Firstly, bloggers earn a reputation after some time. There are many kinds of bloggers like techie bloggers that write about gadgets and the like, there are also fashion bloggers and there are also the so-called food bloggers or foodies that blog about food, brands and restaurants. Here is an example of a Bonus Bagging review, which is a product from the UK. Do something similar in the raising money for charity niche, or alternatively, shopping. Whatever you passion, you will find others that want to hear about your experiences.

When these bloggers become pretty popular, businesses come to them to be reviewed and be advertised in the form of promotion by word of mouth. And since they have become popular with what they do, people take their word for it and trust the reviews they have given.

Secondly, earn money through number of hits you receive. The popularity of websites and web pages are measured and are based on hits. These hits are the number of clicks and visits a website gathers in a day. When there are a lot of hits within a day, search engines and other companies enlist the help of the blogger in order to promote their businesses just like the two entries above. Here is an example of a popular site for how to make money from the internet

Lastly, by generating money through online adverts. When the blog becomes viral with its entries surging in popularity, more people are going to read the blog and will in turn comment and even suggest said post to their friends and contacts. In this sense, it reaches a wide range of audiences and becomes an instrument for marketing. When blogs are popular, businesses opt to put their online ads in these sites to catch the attention of the people who are visiting these blogs. And of course, as these businesses put their banners up on their site, the blog owner and writer earns money out of it. This is great for the owner. This is similar to how YouTube works. Check this affilorama review out which is a product that has helped thousands.

When the site is really popular, they are seen as a kind of authority in their fields and are approached by businesses who cater to the same industry. Awaken the passion within you to earn extra cash to spend as you see fit. This is great if you need to supplement your work as a professional translator.

A Glass Froster Translates into Happier Customers

If you run a commercial restaurant or kitchen, and want to impress your customers or guests, then you need to check out a glass froster. This translates into clients who happier with the product that is being served to them.

I first came across one of these in Spain, where I was working as a translator. They instantly cool any type of cup or glass with a thin layer of frost, thereby enhancing the drinking experience. This is ideal for those establishments who serve Champagne, white wine and beer. Brilliant for hot weather destinations.

No flavouring is added to the drinks during the process, which only takes a few seconds to complete each time. The result is that it will leave an impression on your guests.


Here is an example of one that can be found in the UK:

These devices also have popularity in places like Miami in the The States, where cocktail-type drinks are popular. When used to refer to any generic alcoholic mixed drink, cocktail may mean any beverage that contains three or more ingredients if at least one of them contains alcohol. These are usually served in fancy glasses, which if cooled with a froster beforehand, can add to the drink itself.Glass Froster

So once again, if you want to make your guests sit back with joy, check one of these things out:

The above is a UK based company, but there are huge amounts to choose from if you are based anywhere else.

The Scope of Medical Translating Services

Most translations will require some technical element. When it comes to the medical industry, translation is a specialised field and it must be carried out by trained translators. There is a wide range of companies which can offer you reliable and accurate medical translation services. These companies can provide skilled translators for any particular niche.

Before hiring a medical translating company, you must ascertain their capacity of understanding your requirements. Read the last post with regards to selecting an English service. A majority of professional translators have an online portfolio which can aid you in evaluating the quality and level of their skills. The translator should not only be expert in the requisite language but also have an excellent theoretical base and experience in medical line. They must have an accurate terminology and knowledge to focus on the important issues of safety. They should have degree, certificate or accreditation in any specific medical arenas such as pharmacology, biotechnology, toxicology, dentistry, dermatology and many more. A good translator remarkably contributes towards your sales effectiveness. Certain renowned companies may offer you validation as well as certification of the translating service. They may also sometimes give discounts for large volume projects.

Translating services are an international legal requirement in the medical facilities in order to convey information from the staff to the patient. In addition to this, the symptoms, queries or concerns of the patient are translated to the doctor. It makes the patient more relaxed and secure about the treatment. Medical translators can translate the FDA documentation that permits you to market your products in the United States. They can present all your scientific papers, clinical trials, patient surveys and other vital findings to the world. All sorts of medical protocols and instruction manuals for all types of medical equipment can be translated efficiently.

Knowing a foreign language is not only sufficient; the document must be thoroughly understood before it is translated. The competent translator interacts with you to know the complete translation details for a better understanding of the text. These days, you can find a lot of companies and individuals that can offer you online translation service. Though a renowned company may cost you a bit more than the freelancer, yet with such companies you can certainly get top quality results.

Once again, paying a bit more at the outset can save your organization thousands in the longrun.

What to Look For When Choosing a Translation Service

If one is looking for an English translation service, what should one consider?

One of the slight benefit that is accompanied with English's status as a global language is the fact that you are more likely to find fluent English speakers who are not native speakers than you would any other language. This makes it easier finding the right translation service. For instance, if you wanted to translate a document from Greek to English, a careful search would reveal native Greek speakers who are also fluent in English.

Make your decisions deliberately. Unless the English translation agency is one that you have worked with in the past or it is a service that comes highly recommended from a source that you trust, you should always request for samples. Reading through an example, you'll be able to tell if the translators behind the document are skilled in writing as they are in speaking. Being a native speaker does not necessarily mean that people are automatically good writers. By evaluating the results in the sample, you will be able to form a better idea about what to expect.

Another way of evaluating the services of English translation agencies is to provide them with a short excerpt of your work before assigning the bulk of the project to them. This will give you the opportunity of evaluating their effort within a short time frame and making a more informed decision for your business translation. You can also request for the contact details of some of their past clients. A case of try-before-you-buy.

Most translators are usually member of one or more translation organisations. This is a good thing. Being certified to practice is usually linked with a set of ethics that they are duty bound, as professionals, to follow. These include providing quality results, being courteous and paying attention to the needs of their clients. This way, you'll have the guarantee of receiving your completed translation within your specified timeline and not several weeks or months down the line.

Most documents, especially those in the business world, typically fall within one or more technical fields. To get the best out of your translation, try and match the general scope of the document with the English translation service that you want to work with. For example, if you plan on having a patent translated, then the translator that you work with should have had some experience (or at the very least be familiar) with the rules and terms of writing a patent.

Finally, it is never a good idea to pick a translation agency solely because of their affordable price. There might be many cheap options available but there is getting a job done cheaply and getting it done right. Both rarely mix. As with a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for.

Profit Maximiser Translates Into Extra Cash

If you are just getting started in the translation game, it may take a while to make the right level of money. If this is you, then you need to check out Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser which are products that help people earn money online in an easy and effective manner.

Earn Extra Cash through Profit Maximiser

Once the system has been studied, they will start producing results within 3 days. There are not many other products that can claim that. These products both explore the bonuses that online companies offer to new prospects, and how to cash in on them. Here is an unbiased review of Profit Maximiser

Are they scams?

Have a look here:

Nope, definitely not. Mike, the owner even answers emails personally, and has over 7000 content members. There is also a money back guarantee too, so there really is no risk if you decide that it is not for you.

What do you need to get started?

A stable internet connection and computer, plus, in order to open betting accounts, a proof of address, proof of ID, and a credit or debit card with a few hundred pounds on it.

Are there any downsides or risks?

Unfortunately, this is only open to people that reside in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Other than that, not much.

These systems are totally risk free as long as the instructions on the email are completed

A big plus point is that you should start earning money quickly, usually within 72 hours after learning the ropes. Each bet should clear between £5 and £50, which is not bad for an hour’s work.
If you really want to start making money quickly and with no risk, then this is the product for you. Check out a full bonus bagging review here as this is a great place to start: . It is a great way to make some additional money so that you can focus on other things, like translation services.

A Decarboniser translates into Money Saving

In the hotel and catering business, cost-effective maintenance is an important part of ongoing operational management. Downtime in any system has to be avoided, and translates into money losses.
In order to combat that, a decarboniser has been helping the caterering industry with just such problems for years. These have proven to be robust, despite the often heavy workloads. The decarbonising chemical is used to strip off burnt-on grease and dirt quickly. The chemical solution itself is non-toxic, and does not corrode, as opposed to cleaners from the past. The active ingredient can very, yet the solution is always pH-balanced and kills bacteria. The solution is heated up, so goggles and gloves must be used for safety.

decarboniser UK
Decarbonisers also offer a reduction in operating costs. Kitchen implements soak in the tank overnight, and the grease, carbon and dirt is simply dissolved off. These utensils and gadgets are then ready to be put back into service after a quick rinse under a cold water tap. There is no excessive scrubbing from members of staff, who can be used to carry out other operational activities. What could be easier?
Check out this supplier for a decarboniser here.

There are a whole range of different tank sizes, so they should suit any hotel budget. Space is also often at a premium in most kitchens, so once again the variety will be helpful.

Translator as a Career

If you are interested in finding out what makes a translator as a great career choice, carrying on reading.

During the last two decades, the world is witnessing enormous expansion in socio-economic activity. This is mainly due to tele-communication revolution and its speedy expansion; which resulted in cutting distance and time barriers. The value of conversation and speech has grown immensely.Likewise; trade has progressed by leaps and bounds. The key factor to facilitate all these conversations and writings is Language. It is very crucial to understand what the opposite person, party or nation is meaning, speaking or writing. Here comes the vital role of Translator. Translator is a person who translates material from unknown language to known language or vice-versa. The understanding should be perfect. The translated material should be as good as original text.

Translator as a career


A good and efficient Translator is the requirement of the day. To become efficient translator, perfection and speed are the key words. Career growth of a translator depends upon these two key factors.

Once a person has decided to take up translator as his career, he has to undertake serious training and constant professional skill upgrades to ensure that he is on top of his job. The following are some of the essentials in a translator’s job:-

It is implied that he has already has sufficient educational background to take-up this job as a full fledged career-a Post Graduate is preferable.

A translator should be having very good knowledge of more than two languages, preferably holding post-graduate degrees.

To gain initial confidence, he should take-up translation of dull, mudane subjects that are easier to translate as compared to challenging literary subjects.

It will be advisable to analyse the translation work done by other writers.

This will help to give an idea with regard to level of creativity while executing the work as a professional.

Keenness to learn from other good translators, aptitude to learn, good ear for diction, sincerity to the profession is the stepping stones to a successful career. Judging by the level of speed the development is taking place, it can be gauged soundly that the career graph of a good and efficient Translator is extremely bright. There is inter-dependency by every country on other country. To bridge up this gap, the key role of translator comes into picture. Contracts, legal documents, trade agreements and many more crucial documents, letters are shouldered by translators. Every country has got its own language, with its peculiarities, different ascents and pronunciations’ career bound Translator has to keep all these vital facts in consideration to move forward in his career. Experience is the base of successful career. To gain good amount of experience, sound subject knowledge is the base. Hard work is the key guru-mantra coupled with accuracy. This goes for almost any career of choice.

With ever-expanding sphere of knowledge in every field and in various languages, to bring benefits to mankind at large, the role of Translator will be very important. The career-graph will always be on the rise. The languages spoken and written in this neither world nor countries in this world will not reduce. There is every chance of their increase. Hence; the requirement of a good Translator will always be on the increase. The future career – graph of the Translator is very bright. If you have all of the above, and have a people-oriented personality, check it out.

Looking Good for Court – Get a Savile Row Suit

Very often translators are asked to appear in person at a Police Station or Court. In order to make an impression and have the confidence, it always pays to look the part. What better way than in a suit from tailors in London? There are other fields that this can be learned from:
There are would-be writers that fancy the tweeds, and above all the accessories: a Scott Fitzgerald Mont Blanc pen or a leather diary. I can imagine dressing-for-success as yet another way to end a writer’s block. Get out of those dowdy duds and don on dapper Savile Row suits. Return to the keyboard feeling 100% the professional, and then see what you produce.

Savile Row Suit
Being blessed with the leisure to write is also highly attractive. It permits one to feel like a smart James Bond. No need to break a sweat, unless an adoring and adorable fan enters the scene, racket in hand, or not.
Bette Midler once noted that she could play any dramatic or comedic role providing she had the right shoes.


If confidence is key, then looking good for your important appearance is half of the battle. A good suit can embolden you somewhat, and take you most of the way there.

What to Look for in a Translation Service

As the world grows smaller; people travel across the globe more frequently and more business is done internationally, translation services are increasingly in demand. A translation service can now be needed for anything from the translation of an education certificate to translating a website. Due to the demand there are now hundreds of translation agencies across the globe, covering most languages.

What to look out for

Finding a translation service can be daunting. Where does one start to look for a translation service and when they find one, how do they know if they will be able to do the job well? What questions should one ask? This article will offer some useful tips on how to find a translation service to meet your needs.
The best way of finding a translation service is through the internet. Using the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can bring up hundreds of listings. One added advantage of using a search engine is that you can be more specific with your searches. For example, if you are looking for a translation service local to you type “translation service London” or “translation service Cambridge”. Similarly if you are in need of a specific language try something like “German translation service”.

With search engine results you will be presented with two types of listings, paid listings (advertisements) and organic listings (non-advertised results). As with any niche, it is good to bear in mind that those with organic listings are there for a reason, i.e. the search engine naturally sees them as important sites for translation services. On the other hand paid listings will be from companies that need the business. This is not necessarily a negative thing but good to consider when making a choice. Another thing to consider when choosing a service, is whether to go the automated route, or use a real person. The former may be okay for smal

Once you have a list of the translation service providers you want to contact, it is then key that you are prepared with information necessary to get an accurate quote.

Any decent translation service will want to know what languages they are translating from and into, the length of the document (especially the number of source words), the nature of the text (is it business or technical?), the format of the document (is it a paper document, an email or brochure?), when you need the translation delivered by and if necessary what format it should be delivered in. These details will help the translation service price your piece of work. However, remember that many translation service providers may not give you a concrete quote until they see the document. This is because once they see it they may realise they under-quoted you due to unforeseen elements such as the format, poor image quality or technicality of the document. It is always a good idea to have your translation in a format that can be emailed.

When speaking to the customer service agent make sure you thoroughly explain your needs. A good translation service however will always ask the right questions so they get a decent grasp of what you will need.

Questions to bear in mind:

1. Will they charge you per source word or per target word? For example, if you are having a document translated from Polish to English, Polish will be the source language.

2. Is the quote they gave you fixed? You do not want to be charged more after the translation has taken place.

3. Are all their translators qualified? What is their procedure for hiring translators?

4. Do their translators work solely into their native languages?

5. If your deadline is missed how will you still have to pay?

6. Does the price include proof-reading by another translator?

7. If your translation is specific or technical, do the translators have experience in the subject matter?

8. What format will they return your translation in?

These questions for your translation service should give you some insight into their understanding of the industry and their capabilities.


Ultimately for many people, when it comes to the crunch they choose a translation service based on cost, location and speed of service. There are no hard and fast rules as to how to choose a translation service and it is really up to the individual to go with what they feel it best for them.

In the general scheme of things most translation service providers are bona fide and professional outfits. If when asking the questions above to a translation service you sense a level of uncertainty then it may be best to go with the service that seems to know what you want and how to give it to you.